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Point taken about line breaks and your right.

Well the ide is to be able to do 3d animation and art network rendering through some sort of p2p, just for an example the way It’s done now in Cinema4D which is my primary design software most people will either need to be on a large lan and have cinema 4D plus every plugin that is being used on your project on the host computer, that means multiple licenses and some of the plugins don’t come cheap.

The other options is render farm where we basically hire the amount of pc power that one may need, but thats not always so easy as the render farm must have the plugins that I have to be able to render the work and thats not always the case.

Now my thought Is to create an online p2p render-farm where anybody could login and make there assets available and at the sometime get help with power when needed. Take me for example I have my 16gig i7 windows PC lying around here doing nothing because I use my work computer, that would do a huge amount of help for anybody that needed It. But this would just extend the current cinema 4D lan render functionality so one would still need to match the clients plugin, licenses and so forth.

The second option would be to just lend resources, something like GPU which Is a Gnutella client that shares CPU-resources. That would eliminate the need to have extra licenses and installed plugins and much of the hassle, but Im not sure If that is possible when It comes to 3D rendering or any render for that matter, right now Its just a thought. I use arnold renderer for maya and c4d, and arnold has Its own special way of doing node calculations so the software Is definitely needed to render a scene, but Is it possible to just get help from another pc to do calculations and not the main render It self? 

I may be wrong but basically the the reason why graphic renders are so heavy duty like arnold, c4d, filter forge to name a few Is lightening calculations, the more and bigger light-setup the more iterations one needs. So Im thinking If It would help (logically It should) to just get help with the calculations form say a bigger p2p farm. But like a said before my knowledge of how cpu’s work and the low level programing is very thin so Im writing what I think should logically work. Something like how OpenMP works and the only Lua framework that I know of that comes to mind here is Torch. and ”LUA-ZMQ” looks interesting and theres also lua-parallel which is a framework for Torch and also uses ZeroMq like lua-zmq, anybody had any experience with these two?

But like I said all that last bit seems just like a thought cloud at the moment, the first part thou with 2p2 rendering thats what I would like to start with as I think Its a little bit closer to my knowledge scope.  My thought Is to have something like the way dc++ was built once upon a time, It has to be secure, encrypted, have some sort of que system, one2one file sharing obviously. 

It should be able to ask the client/ server If one has all the necessary plugins and resources for a good render before sending parts of the file, some sort of error check to se If the part that came back is what Its should be, and also I think I would add some sort of busy check so that a service that Is already doing heavy work locally doesn’t get bogged down, sadly that check Is not done at the moment with the network renders from maya and maxon, and Of course last but not least some sort of cluster grid parallel processing. 

thats what I can think of right now, please anybody fill in an blanks If you se them.

On a side note, I recall visiting a page last time I tried Torch that had a full list of downloadable frameworks for specifically Luarocks/Torch. I cant find the page now and was wondering anybody knows which one I mean? It had some Torch - Phyton bindings that I would like to find.


På 13 maj 2017 kl. 18:29:49, Dirk Laurie ( skrev:

2017-05-13 15:52 GMT+02:00 Sam Bavi <>:

> Could those that know please help me by pointing me In the right direction
> for learning p2p parallel computing and grid computing from the beginning
> the right way.

What is the computing task that you need parallel computing for?