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Hello everybody, 
Could those that know please help me by pointing me In the right direction for learning p2p parallel computing and grid computing from the beginning the right way. Im fairly comfy with programing in Lua, Python, C++ but do not have a computer science degree. Thats important to point out because most resources that I have stumbled upon the last couple Of days do seem to be directed at people with a CS-degree. Normally I would just jump In and learn its and bits here and there, but I feel like when It comes to parrarel computing I would like to learn some good basics first. So any tips on books, topics or other resources would be much appreciated. What Im specifically looking for at the moment Is a server-less p2p parallel processing framework. Apache hadboop Is very nice but Its very much server oriented and Im looking for more something like local client/server distribution of recourses. Apache Spark Is on top on my list right now because It does have a standalone cluster mode, but Its very thin and seems to be more oriented towards testing purposes. The other candidate Is PGU File and CPU Distributor but there docs are way to thin for me to be able to dig in, but to do have some nice pdf:s (semester papers) that are appreciated. I could use something like GPU but then my hands would be very much so tied because of my slim knowledge. Sorry for my bad grammars, english Is not my first language, please let me know If the question is wage and I will do my best to clarify. The thing Is, Its hard for me to say I need info on this specific thing because I don't know yet what exactly It Is that I need to learn. The only thing that I do know Is that I have read some really good papers the last couple of days, and I can follow along fairly good but I feel like Im failing to understand the basic principles and the logic behind grids, clusters and so on. 

Best Regards
Sam Bavi