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On 26-Apr-17 23:08, Hisham wrote:
I don't dispute that, but as someone who started programming with
BASIC myself (on the Apple II, no less!) I can attest that this
citation has at least some grain of truth.

Of course, but that could be generalized to most (if not all) programming languages: a single model is mind-constraining ("To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail").

To this day I think very
concretely — but take into consideration that I learned that x=2 is a
stateful variable assignment_years_  before I learned that x=2 is a
mathematical equation (yes, I learned programming before elementary
school algebra).

I first encountered BASIC on an Olivetti P6060; if I remember correctly, it used the (then) mandatory LET for assignments. I am still quite bad in advanced math and math notation, but in my case it is definitely not BASIC's fault :-)