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Free Pascal (current stable version: 3.0.0) offers a module called 'lua'
developed by Lavergne Thomas and Bram Kuijvenhoven. It offers the
Lua 5.1 API translated to Pascal.

It was adapted for Lua 5.2 by "our" Egor Skriptunoff, made Delphi-compatible
by Vladimir Klimov, and adapted for Lua 5.3 by Malcome@Japan.
None of these efforts has been pulled in by the Free Pascal team.

There is a short discussion on,
but in view of the "Beginner to Programming" thread, I would like to point
out here that Free Pascal is a perfectly viable alternative to C for developing
"impure" Lua applications: (a) modules written in Pascal and called from
a Lua application (b) applications written in Pascal with Lua excursions.