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On 25 April 2017 at 03:22,  <> wrote:
> Hi
> You're teaching yourself how to program, asking questions as needed, etc ...
> This is all good.
> Others are answering your question directly, so I'll be different
> One of the lessons that rarely, if ever, appears in any text is "Code it up
> and try it out".
> Don't worry, you won't break anything
> And you will learn more about writing software
> You also will learn exactly what Lua does ... Not what the manual says it
> will do or what other programmers say it will do (neither of which are
> infallible ... Though in this case, I expect they both are right)

To a degree.

If you read something in the manual and aren't sure how to apply it,
then sure: give it a try in the interpreter and see how you go.

However, basing all your information on what you see when you try it
out is going to end up relying on implementation defined or platform
specific details.

I think the questions being asked are good; and if anything, show our
lack of good introductory texts.
I'm hesitant to recommend the online PiL lately as it's age is
starting to show; asking intrigued newcomers to purchase a book is
also not reasonable in my opinion.