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On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 04:59 Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
2017-04-22 20:41 GMT+02:00 Martin <>:

> -- Side thoughts:
> We're sick of buzzwords, bureaucracy and corporation ethics. So we're
> aggroed by "foundation" word.

+1. (My post about the Reader's Digest was intended to convey that, but
putting it bluntly like this is probably necessary with so many Sheldons
on lua-l.)

Yeah, I missed the meaning of that one.

The image of all institutions has taken a large beating in my mind and I think that establishing something that is valuable and lasting is a large obstacle. 

1: are there any examples of good foundations that have endured?
2: what makes them good?
3: Can that be copied?

My suspicion is that success begins with a well defined mission and a set of core principles. I would like to see something that includes a permanent commitment to:

1: polite behavior.
2: humility. 
3: transparency
4: a regular rotation of elected board members
5: maintaining as much of the overall spirit of LabLua as possible, especially its simplicity and engineering quality.

In the end, any organization/foundation/whateveryoucallit has to be useful to a sufficiently large number of people to make it worth while. It becomes so by solving real problems and making new and desirable things happen. That sounds "duh?", but there are many things that a foundation could do (and many have done) that have little to do with those outcomes. Avoiding that trap and establishing a good foundation (pun intended) to build upon is the immediate work.