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On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 10:59 AM, Jay Carlson <> wrote:
> I will stipulate for the purposes of this discussion that we want something like a foundation. I have no strong opinion yet. I am not a lawyer, and have not participated in the formation of a not-for-profit corporation. Other people on this list know a lot more than I do.
>> On Apr 21, 2017, at 6:40 AM, steve donovan <> wrote:
>> Kepler finished because there was no longer funding. Organization
>> needs funding - what might that mechanism be?
> Besides funding and naming, the foundation may need to be widely accepted as semi-(semi-)official. Right now, I see two people who could hypothetically fix this if they wanted to. Maybe a third person, if you like a Rockier choice?
> The governance issue for an external organization is a big one. We already have two benevolent dictators, who may or may not have time or interest to deal with the Full Moon Foundation or whatever. But if I were lhf and Roberto, I wouldn't want to semi-bless something fully out of my control.

Perhaps it's actually better if they do not. They could chose to have
a formal or informal advisory role, but no blessing is required.

> On the other hand, if you're going to receive and disburse money in the US over a period of time, my understanding is that your not-for-profit organization wants to incorporate. Then it needs a board of directors, and voting and paperwork and etc. Note that I'm making the mechanics of this sound harder than it really is; people tell me California law is decent for this.
> Now, which kinds of people would you nominate to the board to represent Lua embedders and developers?

My answer would be: people that probably don't want to the attention
but whose opinion is too important not to have.

> (That is a theoretical question. *Please* do *not* reply with a list of names on the mailing list. I've already started enough flamewars this year.)
> --
> Jay Carlson
> [I already rejected the name "Waxing Moon". "Moonrise Foundation"? We could call it "the Bikeshed Foundation" at this point. I wonder if that's registered in the US. Apparently not!]

Also, I believe that some of the discomfort comes from the name "Lua"
sitting next to the word "Foundation". Shifting the name away from a
direct association with Lua has benefits, even if it risks making it
more obfuscated.

Andrew Starks