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On Apr 13, 2017, at 5:02 PM, Russell Haley <> wrote:

> Has anybody experimented with eLua successfully? Building a Board Support Package seemed to be quite a daunting task...

I gave up and worked on other things, and stopped looking at it. So the following is based on when I stopped looking, which appears to be 2015-06-19. The last github commit on master is before that, so I assume things have not changed in terms of the public project.

eLua is doing some important stuff, so I regret that they first hear my complaint broadcast to lua-l instead of privately. In my defense, I was very frustrated at the time--this probably says more about me than eLua. :-) 

I wish I could write a null BSP (me writing it, not upstream writing it) and have it work with newlib without further knowledge of the hardware; then I could refine incrementally. But eLua is not my project; if you know the hardware and plan to support a lot of features, you might as well do all of it at once.

It might be worthwhile to delegate toolchains to I love the build system for simple stuff and for other tooling: someone has resolved “the tyranny of choice” for me.