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It was thus said that the Great p. shkadzko once stated:
> Machine learning IS supplied, batteries included.
> The survey is obviously biased (73% web devs).
> Here is a nice post "Goodbye, Lua":
> Which I think puts all Lua strengths and weaknesses very nicely.

  To me, that article was more "Wah wah!  Lua is not Javascript!  And I
might get fired for not going with the herd".

  I'll admit that might be an uncharitable reading of the article but that's
how it came across to me.

  -spc (and he's also put off with 1-based indexing and double-dash
	comments?  Really?  [1][2])

[1]	I suspect that most programmers have a hard time dealing with one
	language.  I've met plenty of programmers (both professional and
	non-professional) who have a hard time "switching" (and that's the
	term they inevitably use) languages.  And I'm not talking about
	switching between major branches, like "imperative vs. declaritive"
	or even families, like "imperative vs. object-oriented" but more
	like "one imperative (C) vs. another imperative (Pascal)".

	Yeah, it is annoying when muscle memory has me typing "~=" in C or
	adding semicolons in Lua but that's not enough for me to hate either

[2]	I also feel most programmers are more towards the lemming side than
	the cat side [3] than they would admit.