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2017-03-25 15:04 GMT+02:00 Rodrigo Azevedo <>:

> Based on the thread 'Selenophobia', and your major experience, choose 5
> characteristics you think indispensable to keep Lua advancing as a
> "general-purpose script language";
> 1) an expanded basic library (some batteries), well organized, maintained
> and documented. "Pure Lua" libraries at least.
> 2) easy installation on major operating systems (with shared libraries)
> 3) threads (pthreads!? not Lua's coroutine)
> 4) optional type annotations (performance, error check etc)
> 5) easy, transparent, way to port libraries to new versions of Lua.
> Is this possible to start, organize and support for a long period ( a
> 'larger' community)?

This does sound a bit like someone who wishes to enlarge the listening
public of a radio station that broadcasts classical music, and comes
with suggestions like:

* breezy disc jockeys
* short, snappy pieces instead of those interminable symphonies
* phone-in discussion programmes
* jazz is fine music too, isn't it?