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2017-03-25 12:12 GMT+02:00 Pierre Chapuis <>:
> March 24, 2017 10:10 PM, "Sean Conner" <> wrote:
>> The consensus there seems to be: it's missing batteries and I can't get
>> started with it in less than 5 seconds on Windows.
> I answered on Reddit, but I will say it again here: the only way
> I found to have a decent experience using Lua on Windows is through
> It only depends on a C
> compiler (MinGW or MSVC) and gives you a working, self-contained
> Lua with a working LuaRocks. This should be what we point Windows
> users to.

Noadays, under Windows 10, just install the WSL (Windows Shell for Linux).
Microsoft itself actually supplies it gratis, but not bundled in as default.

Then enjoy the bliss of Bash, complete with apt-get and everything that
(a slightly out-of-fate version of) Ubuntu can supply. It's far nicer than
PuTTY, my previous workaround when forced to work on someone else's
WIndows box.