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I am (very) happt with Lua as it is.

Am 25.03.17 um 14:04 schrieb Rodrigo Azevedo:
Based on the thread 'Selenophobia', and your major experience, choose 5 characteristics you think indispensable to keep Lua advancing as a "general-purpose script language";

1) an expanded basic library (some batteries), well organized, maintained and documented. "Pure Lua" libraries at least.
2) easy installation on major operating systems (with shared libraries)
3) threads (pthreads!? not Lua's coroutine)
4) optional type annotations (performance, error check etc)
5) easy, transparent, way to port libraries to new versions of Lua.
Please, no.

Is this possible to start, organize and support for a long period ( a 'larger' community)?

Or Lua's community is so specialized, and happy, like the 'webdevs' of stackoverflow, that this is not possible in a foreseen future?

and consequently the 'general-purpose script language' is an utopic, romantic, dream.

Rodrigo Azevedo Moreira da Silva