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>> This is not an exclusion, but C libraries are harder to maintain than "Pure
>> Lua".
> I’m going to sound like a broken record, but really? Why? I’ve never
> thought of it as being the case—again from experience with other languages.
> What I have seen is that *any* library in a language’s stdlib often ends up
> being maintained more slowly, and less well, than non-stdlib equivalents.
> In fact, in both Perl and Ruby, people often joke that stdlib is where good
> libraries go to die. I’m not sure entirely why that is, but I suspect it

Lua does not have even a well organized necropolis;

## JOKE ##
Ex: if you try to find the bones of Mr. JSON you will be completely lost.
## JOKE ##

Namely, one where we can quickly find a reference implementation of a
given set of useful functions, not necessarily the 'best' or the
'fast'  but the one that simple solve the problem for a while.

> has to do with the politics and complexities of being part of the official
> package of a language. I’ve read similar things re Python, but that’s not
> a language I know as well personally.