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Unfortunately, one major downside of Lua (vs Python, for usual example) is the lack of libraries written in the language itself.
Pretty much everything out there (and it’s not all that much, anyway) seems to be written in C as if those whose use Lua enjoy writing C more than writing Lua!
There is, of course, the C speed advantage, but somehow the Python community – unlike the Lua one – seems  to favor libraries written in Python, and as a result they have created an enormous ‘ecosystem’ for pretty much anything – an achievement which in itself is hard to beat.
(We shouldn’t overlook that in today’s world, a language’s popularity and longevity is largely proportional to the amount of publically available source code written in it.)
I can only hope the Lua community would start doing the same at some point – but I think, unfortunately, both I and Lua will die hoping.
Don’t get me wrong.  I do prefer Lua over Python as a language (or I wouldn’t be here), but the Python library advantage is too big to ignore for many tasks when Lua proves inadequate in that regard.
To get back to your request, maybe you’d be interested to clone PyYAML (or some other – many choices) from Python, and thus add one little stone to the (faint) pure Lua library ‘dogma’ by sharing it. :)
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2017 8:31 PM
Subject: Fully Lua YAML library?

Does anybody know if a YAML library implemented entirely in lua?  Everything I've found is a lua binding to C code, which is tolerable but I'd prefer a pure lua implementation if one is available.