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> I just want to take this occasion to thank you for Luacheck. It is the
> one tool that has improved the quality of my Lua code the most.
> We introduced Lua at the company I work for last year. We use it as a
> scripting language on top of a C core. I was the only employee with
> experience with it and I was afraid of the issues that the dynamic
> nature of the language could cause, so we enforced clean Luacheck
> output on all builds; I think it helps a lot.
> We only have about 6000 lines of Lua code so far with four 
> contributors, but both those figures are going to grow. I cannot know
> for sure how well it is going to work, but I know it would have been
> a lot harder without Luacheck.

Here, Lua has improved the code in general.  We used to do 100% in C,
and especially younger talent had its problems with memory management,
pointers etc.

Once we introduced Lua, productivity began to soar.  Lua is a revelation.

We are currently at ~193'000 lines of C code (that includes third party
code like Lua itself), ~ 83'000 lines of Lua code, ~ 40'000 lines of Lua
templates, 128'000 lines of HTML, 40'000 lines of CSS (again, third
party code included), and, of which we are proud the most, exactly 0
lines of perl code.

Time to check that code with Luacheck, I guess.  Tnanks for making it