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I've released Luacheck 0.19.0. Luacheck is a linter for Lua,
detecting accidental globals, unused variables and values,
unreachable code, etc., see

To install it with LuaRocks, run `luarocks install luacheck`.

Breaking changes:

* New format for defining standard sets of globals that can
  describe all allowed fields of each global.

New features and improvements:

* Luacheck can now detect mutations and accesses of specific fields
  within globals. Standard global definitions have been updated
  to provide precise lists of allowed fields. This also
  works through local aliases (e.g. `local t = table; t.upsert()`
  produces a warning, but `local t = table; t.insert()` does not).
* Default set of allowed globals is now equal to globals normally
  provided by version of Lua used to run Luacheck, instead of
  all globals set in the interpreter while it runs Luacheck.
* All options that operate on lists of global names can now use
  field names as well. E.g. `--not-globals string.len` undefines
  standard field `string.len`. Additionally, config options
  `globals`, `new_globals`, `read_globals`, `new_read_globals`
  can use a table-based format to define trees of allowed fields.
* Lines that are longer than some maximum length are now reported.
  Default limit is 120. Limit can be changed using `max_line_length`
* Warnings related to trailing whitespace in comments
  and inside string literals now use separate warning codes.
* Luacheck no longer reports a crash with a long traceback when
  interrupted, instead it simply exits with an error message.


* Fixed inconsistent indentation (TAB after space) not being detected
  on lines with trailing whitespace.