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Peter Melnichenko <> wrote:
> The best solution is to allow non-portable globals for that line only:
>     local unpack = unpack or table.unpack -- luacheck: compat
> -- Peter

Thanks for this. I’ll look more into the options to tell luacheck what to
do for specific lines in this way.

That said, I now wonder about something more general. When people write in
Lua `local x = y or z`, that’s often an idiom for cases where y is likely
to be nil. Or, at least, where y can be nil, but the program should
continue without trouble by assigning z to x instead of y. In my mind, it
isn’t clear whether this *should* trigger a warning, since presumably the
programmer puts that “or z” in there to address the danger of y being nil.


Thanks, Peter
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