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Charles Heywood:
i also don't really know how to make difference, like where to draw the line.

Erik Hougaard:
i think it's a game, as people can pick or deny a language by rankings
like this. people are so much influenced by feedbacks. i think all the
lua world can only benefit from this, and i'm happy to support lua, as
i like it so much.

Andrew Starks:
right, but this leads too far, tiobe would be incapable to handle
every single keyword related to programming languages, but a few more
popular implementations for lua could flt there, but if people see
that there are 8 kinda different keywords next to lua, then they will
do the research for their languages, and start a race. therefor i gave
you the decision about what to do.

2017-01-12 0:10 GMT+01:00 Andrew Starks <>:
> On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 15:25 Erik Hougaard <> wrote:
>> On 11-01-2017 13:07, wrote:
>> > but i don't want to
>> > send them the whole list. in the one hand cuz others gonna do the same
>> > for other languages, and then gain will be lost
>> Hmm.. What is wrong with the real picture, ugly or not, tiobe score is
>> not a game, it's about getting metrics about the real world.
>> /Erik
> Most languages don't include their C API as part of the specification, am I
> correct?
> If that is true, then the most apples to apples comparison would focus on
> Lua as a language. In that case, you'd ideally want to capture everywhere
> that Lua is used, including in games, Lightroom, etc.; anywhere that my
> ability to solve problems with Lua the scripting language would be relevant.
> From that perspective, Lua seems underreported and tiobe might be better
> served by including more implementations.