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On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 10:15 AM, Daurnimator <> wrote:
> At the workshop this year I spoke about my efforts to convert the
> historical source code of lua into git form.
> I finally put the last pieces together (sorry! I promised it by
> october...) and have now pushed the results to github.
> It's split into 4 repositories:
>   - Main source:
>   - Tests:
>   - luac:
>   - manual:
> See my talk's notes:

Interesting to see the individual commits. However, I'm going to miss
being able to clone the old lua/lua repo on GitHub and immediately
have a full release tree from which I can run `make linux && make
install`. Via that method, I could play around with experimental
tweaks more easily, locally commit my Makefile changes and easily
merge them into future releases, and so forth. Indeed, that repo was
my main method of obtaining the Lua source, rather than the official

After reading the PDF of your talk notes, I see why it is the way it
is now. But for the benefit of me and anyone else who might find that
route easier (if there is indeed anyone), would it be possible to
publish the full releases, in the same format as the old lua/lua repo
before this overhaul, as a separate repo (something like