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Pierre Chapuis wrote:

> OpenResty also has its own package manager now:

Good point!

> For Windows you may also want to look at luawinmulti,
which uses LuaRocks:

Not package manager but useful script. Good to know.


Charles Heywood  wrote:

> It's listed on the downloads page under "Binaries" - I'm not sure where you see it on the homepage.

My fault - I mistaken downloads page with index when I was writing the mail.


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> Unfortunatlely, it seems that LuaDist is no longer actively developed.
Is there somethng else that we can use instead of LuaDist?
Its not true. There is second generation of LuaDist in development - the LuaDist2 (see However there is no information about it on LuaDist pages.

I have talked about that with Peter Drahoš, see for more details about LuaDist2.

Mikoláš Štrajt / Severák /