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I know nothing about Supreme Commander except what I've read in the
last few minutes. But I have picked up that there may be different
versions for different operating systems. One version runs on Steam,
[1] which is supported on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
<>. I also hit info
saying that Supreme Commander runs on both Windows and XBox 360.

I also know very little about Steam, but if you're wanting to extend
the Steam version, the Supreme Commander API reference [3] might be a
good place to start. You might also need to take a look at the Steam
API [4].

But you might consider waiting until you hear from someone who knows
way more than I do about Lua and games. There's no shortage of that
kind of people on this list.

Best regards,


[1] <>.]

[2] <>.

[3] <>

[4] Search for steam api. That produced several different steam API
references but I suspect you'll find a more integrated resource once
you register and get inside steam at

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