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On Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 9:06 PM, Phil Leblanc <> wrote:
> Many of these small apps have a very simple GUI - typically one page
> with a few fields, one or two dropdown lists and some options.  This
> is why I was thinking more along the lines of GtkDialog than a full
> fledged GUI framework.

This is a good point. GUI bindings are big because the surface API is
enormous. For instance, excellent Lua GTK bindings through lgi via
Gobject introspection, but the hard bit is translating huge swathes of
documentation into the Lua style.  Currently that translation has to
happen in the head of the user, who has to be able to read the C docs
and do the transformation mentally.

Whereas something that just does simple forms, with maybe a convenient
plotting widget interface, would really suffice for most applications.