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September 8 2016 1:26 AM, "Jerome Vuarand" <> wrote:
> 2016-09-07 16:23 GMT+01:00 Paul Moore <>:
>> Looking at the OP's first suggestion, does lfs.dir correctly handle a
>> directory containing a filename that's not encodable in the current
>> codepage on Windows? Sure it's (to an extent) a specialist case, but
>> it matters a lot to some applications.
> No, but the same problem applies to That's why I patch both
> Lua [1] and LFS [2] in my Windows builds [3].

For what it's worth, I do the same thing and wish it would be
the case in upstream Lua.

Strings in Lua world are UTF-8 so it does not really make sense
to me that would break if you give it UTF-8 on Windows.

Pierre Chapuis