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Hello List!

I would like to announce v0.4.13 of OMM[1].

* All example scripts running well on windows.
* All needed sources for Lua and modules become downloaded via svn
  automatically, if you have 'svn.exe' on your windows system.
* Lua functions can be used in rule actions instead external programs.
* some minor changes in screen outputs.
* Fixed a horrible bug introduced by the rule tool stopping existing
  toolchains to generate proper command lines.

further plans:
* Rethink internal needs handling. Dependency checks for "needs" need to
  become more fine grained.
* Rethink toolchains code. Toolchain code is independent from rules code
  now. By reusing rules in toolchains, things may be coded simpler and
  easier to maintain.
* Create a rule for compiling statically linked windows executable including
  all lua libs and lua scripts.
* Makefile syntax is complete and should not change anymore.

Any critics, wishes, bug reports, ... are welcome.

Ulrich Schmidt.