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Hi, all,

Thanks for the feedback. There were some very interesting ideas
unleashed. Given the right web site design, I don't think any of the
ideas are mutually exclusive. I think all could be implemented with a
site that has a tag cloud where clicking on a tag would list all nodes
sharing that tag.

I'll do some looking around for a CMS that would enable that. I have a
vague recollection of a Drupal or Joomla extension that did something
like that.

It's also conceivable that there's a CMS that would enable registered
users to add their own tags and annotations, perhaps even complete
entries. That would need some moderation capabilities but it would
perhaps get us to a more useful web site more quickly (the ideas for
the most part require a quite a bit of research).

I maintain the existing page in a NoteCase Pro document, then export
to HTML. The program can do all of the above ideas (it supports node
tags and display of nodes sharing a tag), but it's strictly a
client-side program. However, if I find the right CMS, I might be able
to script an export from NoteCase Pro to the required CMS input
format. Also, one of our document formats is sqlite-based, so it's
conceivable that a web page server might be integrated with a NoteCase
Pro sqlite document.

But I think I'd better aim in the short term for just an update in the
existing format so I can get the update done soon. BTW, I checked and
it turned out that I did update the site last year. I just forgot to
change the "last update" date on the site.

Another BTW: The Where Lua Is Used page does not yet even scratch the
surface of the number of programs out there that are either written in
or extensible with Lua. I'm still working through many lists on other
sites. One that I have not yet begun to review catalogues 4,301 Lua
projects. <>.
Because all of the lists are growing, I have no realistic expectation
of ever catching up.

Best regards,


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