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Hi Paul,

Games are usually categorized into a couple of genres and subgenres, you can find a list of these here: [1]. However, there are games that can fall into multiple genres or none at all. However, most Wikipedia entries for games will state the genre a game "mostly" belongs to.

However, I wonder if there's any other categorization for games, which might be better applicable to such a catalog. Imagine browsing the list: Does it really matter to you - once you've selected the "Games" category - which genre the games belong to? Is it important to you as a developer? I have a feeling that there could be some other system that groups games by parameters that are more interesting to developers. 

However, when browsing the list as a game developer, I might be looking for games that are similar to my own current project, because I might be interested in how well Lua is suited for the tasks I want to use it for. In this case, categorization by genres is just what I need.

There's always to sides of the medal.




Paul Merrell <> hat am 16. August 2016 um 13:04 geschrieben:

Hi, all,

I'm working on an update for the Where Lua Is Used page, which
catalogs stand-alone programs that are written in or are extensible
using Lua. [1].

The Games category has way too many entries for my taste and I'd like
to sub-categorize them. But not being a gamer, I have a vocabulary
problem. Does anyone know of an existing classification system for
computer games and if so, might you point me to a resource site where
I might glean that information?

Best regards,


[1]. <>

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