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2016-08-16 14:43 GMT+02:00 Henrik Ilgen <>:
> However, I wonder if there's any other categorization for games, which might
> be better applicable to such a catalog. Imagine browsing the list: Does it
> really matter to you - once you've selected the "Games" category - which
> genre the games belong to? Is it important to you as a developer? I have a
> feeling that there could be some other system that groups games by
> parameters that are more interesting to developers.
> However, when browsing the list as a game developer, I might be looking for
> games that are similar to my own current project, because I might be
> interested in how well Lua is suited for the tasks I want to use it for. In
> this case, categorization by genres is just what I need.

I wonder whether it would be possible to find a categorization by what
the game allows the user to do with the help of Lua to make it more
useful.  That's probably not easy, though.