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On 16-08-16 04:04 AM, Paul Merrell wrote:
> Hi, all,
> I'm working on an update for the Where Lua Is Used page, which
> catalogs stand-alone programs that are written in or are extensible
> using Lua. [1].
> The Games category has way  too many entries for my taste and I'd like
> to sub-categorize them. But not being a gamer, I have a vocabulary
> problem. Does anyone know of an existing classification system for
> computer games and if so, might you point me to a resource site where
> I might glean that information?

Wikipedia has an article about genres:

(there too many buzzwords through)

I have some gaming experience but prefer only some genres so can not
classify any game. I'd classified most games in
strategy/action/simulator/logic/roleplay and asked to elaborate on wiki.

Also you may pick genre of almost any game from their wikipedia page.