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While browsing Steam at work (Hi boss! Hey there!), I came across
Factorio[1]. If you read the reviews on Steam, you will find almost
nothing but rhapsodic praise for the game, including:

"I had to cut out crack-cocaine becuase it was interfering with factorio."


"I dream about how to improve my factory. Send help."

The game is praised for being remarkably stable and extremely well
designed. The modding culture is fantastic and the language, if you
haven't guessed, is Lua.

Looking at the object model that is provided, you can see the design
of the game and it's well thought out. In the documentation[2] you
learn that the "base_mod" is what makes up the vanilla Factorio game,
and it's just a lua file that you can edit.

It's an extremely fun game and a fun way to play with Lua, too.

Andrew Starks