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> On 10 Aug 2016, at 4:36 am, Paul Merrell <> wrote:
> Yes. See this part of the Where Lua Is Used page.
> <>.

That reminds me, I finally got round to publishing my embedded OS project, which uses a lot of Lua.

I don't really expect it to be useful to anyone, but it may serve as an interesting example of embedding Lua in constrained and custom environments (96KB of RAM to boot the kernel and host the Lua process with enough left over to play tetris.lua).

(OT: I developed this mostly to run on the TiLDA Mk2 board - the Mk3's stock software uses MicroPython, which is broadly speaking Python stripped down until it resembles Lua. I'll be interested to compare how the different environments stack up when run on the same hardware, once I finish porting to the Mk3.)