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2016-06-19 4:21 GMT+08:00 Daurnimator <>:
> On 19 June 2016 at 04:44, Xavier Wang <> wrote:
>> I'm very happy to announce amoeba[1], the Cassowary constraint solving
>> algorithm. this is a single-file library, and A Lua binding for it.
> ...
>> reviews and feedback are welcome :)
> What is the improvement over the existing cassowary implementation?

1. this is the pure Lua implement, but amoeba has both C and pure Lua implement.
2. this implement is mostly 1:1 translation from the standard
smalltalk implement, amoeba inspired from kiwi, a ground up implement
based on paper. and kiwi says it's much faster than standard implement
(not tested).
3. the C implement is a single-file library, easy to make wrappers for
other language.
4. the C implement almost write alone and carefully, codes may faster
than other C++ implement for the tailor-written data structure (but
not test).
5. the Lua implement are much simple and small (least half as loc)
than this implement.
6. the Lua implement has no dependency, but this depend the std library.
7. the Lua implement and C bindings use meta-methods, you can write
2*var1+var2 directly.
8. you can use tostring() to see internal data easily in Lua and C
binding implement.

And if it real useful for you, thanks for any review and feedbacks. :)

Xavier Wang.