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On 31/05/16 02:00 PM, Justin Donaldson wrote:

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 10:19 AM, Javier Guerra Giraldez < <>> wrote:

    On 31 May 2016 at 05:42, Justin Donaldson <
    <>> wrote:
    > it needs to track its length in order to accommodate nil values

    The usual approach to store nil values in a table is to use your own
    'pseudo nil' value.

Consider creating an array [1,2,3], and then setting the index 100 to 4. The indexes 4-99 will still be nil. The length of that array reported by maxn/# would still be indeterminate. How do I resolve that?

With a little help from C, it's possible to create a very efficient coroutine-based nil-safe array. Just need a function exchange(index, value, ...) -> ... (that's a varargs and a varret, respectively), which changes the value in `...` at index `index` with `value` and returns the result. Everything else can be done from Lua. It works better as a stack, however.

Length operation is select('#', ...), push is `val, ...` and pop is `select(2, ...)`. See

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