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On 25/05/16 07:17 PM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:

On 26/05/2016 00:02, Coda Highland wrote:
On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Rain Gloom <> wrote:
What about ?
I'm asking both because of the name - luaenv is "taken" - and the difference in functionality. One thing that's definitely better in my opinion is the lack of an install script in luaenv. You just pull the repository and add a
line to your bashrc/zshrc/whateverelserc.
If you want luarocks support, maybe it would be easier to implement that as
a module (no need to reinvent everything from the basics that way).

ps.: "moonverman" sounds like a good name, according to my calculations. Also just "verman". It's not super necessary to put "l" or "lua" or "moon"
into every package name.

Not sure we want to name something after pests and nuisances

Yep! I had the same feeling. Something ending in "verm" doesn't sound too enticing! :-)

Moreover, being Italian, it sounds worse to me. In fact "verm" is almost like "vermi", which means "worms" (and yes, "vermicelli" means "little worms", more or less; although they taste a little better usually, depending on the cook, of course :-P :-)
That's intended. ;)

What about "luavman"? Doesn't it sound like a superhero? :-)

/s/ Adam


-- Lorenzo

P.S.: Doesn't name selection competitions look a lot like bikeshedding, but with a much more cheerful attitude? :-)

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