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Well, I too was confused regarding the name. I wanted it to end with 'vm' so as it's easier for people to recognize it as a 'version manager'. There is a huge number of people who have used 'rvm' and 'nvm'. Naturally I couldn't choose 'lvm' as it conflicted as mentioned above. Almost every machine has lvm already installed.

For example, I personally wasn't able to find anything when I search for 'Lua Version Manager'.
Now I see there are other implementation as well, which I couldn't find on account of their name.

So now I realize there will be some confusion either way.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll think more over it!

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 12:09 AM, Etiene Dalcol <> wrote:

Seconded,  not to mention there are other tools already called Luavm too, like Luavm.js :)

Props for the tool!

On 24 May 2016 7:39 p.m., "Hisham" <> wrote:
On 22 May 2016 at 18:02, Dhaval Kapil <> wrote:
> Hello, everyone!
> 'luavm' is a version manager for Lua.

This might be a silly remark, but... my first reaction is that the
name 'luavm' will cause confusion (especially in spoken
conversation!). LVM is also confusing (the Logical Volume Manager
comes to mind). Might I suggest luaenv? Or lenv, if that's too long?

And kudos for the tool! I see a lot of potential for wide adoption.

-- Hisham

Dhaval Kapil