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> Are you serious about the documentation?

You know, I completely missed the semicolons every other time that I read that sentence.  I retract my complaint about that part of the documentation, sorry.

I still maintain that the (undocumented) change in 5.3.2 that broke the invariant `fmt:unpack(fmt:pack(value)) == value` and the fact that unpack cannot ignore the padding bytes it silently inserted when later unpacking "cn" is a valid problem however.

In other binary serialisation methods there is sometimes a distinction between a string as an array of bytes and a string as a piece of text.  I think pack/unpack should make that distinction using the "cn" and "z[n]" formats which would provide a way to access the behaviour added in 5.3.2 but still maintain the invariant.

Why was the change even introduced in 5.3.2?