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2016-02-25 8:18 GMT+00:00 Dirk Laurie <>:
> I have the perception that >90% of the rocks available on the primary
> repository provide modules and <10% provide applications, and the
> suspicion that 10% is a very generous estimate.
> Yet I find it hard to believe that 90% of the time of a typical Lua
> programmer is spent in developing tools and 10% in developing
> applications.

IMHO that's because most Lua code written is unpaid work. A good
application is likely modularized, so when you want to publish it
you'd release one module at a time. You follow the dependency graph,
releasing things with no dependencies first, self-contained libraries,
and growing from there, with the app itself last. But as unpaid work
that solves no use case for you, you're likely to give up in the
middle, with a bunch of libraries published, and the app lingering in
the output queue forever.