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At 2015-12-19 21:30:52, "Roberto Ierusalimschy" <> wrote:
>> I hope the delay time of player's operation can be low, 
>> and the CPU's usage is  smooth  in all the time.
>> In propagate state, it is OK.
>> But in sweep state, the delay time increases obviously.
>> It usually take a few seconds for player to see the menu content after click the menu on client.
>> This is boring.
>> Actually, I set the "setpause" value to a small value to avoid the memory usage increase to a large value,
>> once the memory usage increase , the total execute time of atomic() function becomes long,
>> it will also increase the delay time of player's operation.
>> Whether it is a solution to change the sweepstep() to return the real free bytes,
>> so the CPU's usage is smooth in sweep state  like the propagate state.
>What happens if you increase GCSWEEPCOST (and maybe reduce even more the
>-- Roberto

If I increase GCSWEEPCOST and set the "setpause" value to a smal value(60),
the total time of sweep state becomes long(about 7 minutes  VS 30 seconds of the default GCSWEEPCOST),‍
during the 7 minutes, the average CPU's usage is  lower than ‍the usage on default GCSWEEPCOST setting,
but not smooth, the CPU's usage sometimes increases to a high value,  and decrease after a few seconds,

Oppositely, the total time of propagate state becomes short(about 1 minutes), 
the CPU's usage is smooth during the whole propagate state.


Best Regards
John Wei