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This is the first release of depgraph rock that provides 'luadepgraph'
command-line tool for building graphs of Lua packages:

You can make nice images showing dependencies between modules using
'luadepgraph' plus 'dot', command-line tool that is a part of Graphviz:

git clone
cd Penlight
luadepgraph --dot | dot -Tgif -o penlight.gif
(penlight.gif should look like

Or you can do some simple analysis: list dependants of a module,
show external dependencies or look for circular dependencies:

git clone
cd luarocks
luadepgraph -m src/luarocks -p src -e src/bin --show luarocks.install
luadepgraph -m src/luarocks -p src -e src/bin --deps
luadepgraph -m src/luarocks -p src -e src/bin --cycles
(Not showing the output, it's long, there are 11 dependency cycles!)

depgraph can be installed using LuaRocks: 'luarocks install depgraph'.


-- Peter