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On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 3:11 PM, Philipp Janda <> wrote:

> If Lua had a hook that is called whenever an error is about to be thrown, you could do something like the following:

xpcall/pcall are basically such a hook. The real issue is not having those hooks; it is that their use results in a program that is not elegant (and usually quite arcane), which no one enjoys writing (the previously cited LuaSQL example is a case in point). For example, consider this part in your code:

      local a, b, c
      local cleanup = on_error( function()
        if c then c:destroy() end
        if b then b:clear() end
        if a then a:close() end
      end )
      a = f()
      b = a:foo()
      c = b:bar()

It violates quite blatantly the usual wisdom in Lua that one initializes locals right in the their declaration, not six feet lines under. And it forces the user to do what the compiler/runtime could do much better: track what has been finalized and what has not.