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I think you're speaking about nodemcu framework ?
If so, you will have to check on its documentation here : nodemcu/nodemcu-firmware
W/ the actual version, there is no http support stricto-sensus, but as it support socket, there is an example to create an http GET client.

I don't have yet this board and I duno if its LUA is supporting require() but I have in mind some projects based on it.
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Le Vendredi 29 mai 2015 21h43, E Radler <> a écrit :

I was checking LUA, because chinese boards  based on esp8266 chip say they suport LUA .
Compared to PC users living with a wealth of library import options and on-line examples for python I fear the experience on an embedded device will be less fancy for micropython but as well as with LUA . Especially for control algorithms  you will have to start  from scratch using LUA? Is there support for http:// GET ?
The second point is UML round trip support, having code generation. Is there some 4 GL SE support for LUA?