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On 5/30/2015 3:43 AM, E Radler wrote:
I was checking LUA, because chinese boards  based onesp8266
chipsay they suport LUA .

It's Lua not LUA. You're probably looking at NodeMCU on ESP8266.
Have you studied the materials at [1]?


Compared to PC users living with a wealth of library import
options and on-line examples for python I fear the experience on
an embedded device will be less fancy for micropython but as well
as with LUA . Especially for control algorithms  you will have to
start  from scratch using LUA? Is there support for http:// GET ?

I think it can do plenty, but remember on-chip SRAM is limited if you are not using a separate MCU. "Control algorithms" is pretty vague, but hobbyists using NodeMCU for basic IoT-stuff sequencing are doing fine. If you need the faster kind of control algorithms, just download the SDK+compiler VM image and use gcc.

The second point is UML round trip support, having code
generation. Is there some 4 GL SE support for LUA?

Lua is a scripting language that is often embedded in software apps, see [2]. Note it's not "embedded as in MCUs"... It has been adapted to run on MCUs with small memory footprints, *however* it's still a scripting language that juggles objects and do garbage collection. Large apps may use plenty of memory and garbage collection is not your usual deterministic memory usage scenario.


So it's not a purpose-built embedded systems development tool with all the UML or 4GL or whatnot tools. I believe it just happened that there was a Lua for MCUs -- eLua -- that could be quickly ported to ESP8266, creating NodeMCU, which turned out great for speedy project development, perfect for the maker demographic, which is probably the main target customer for the boards.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia