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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> writes:

>> I'm confused.  Although not part of the core library, luaL_loadbufferx()
>> exists, and is implemented in a very small amount of code:
> The point is that when Lua loads precompiled Lua code, it *copies* the
> data to its internal data structures.
> The question is about how to avoid this copy, especially in RAM
> starved systems, when precompiled code is already stored in ROM.
> The answer is that this is not very easy to do because the internal data
> structures are not prepared to handle some data in Lua core land and
> some data in user land, although recently it does support strings in
> user land (at a cost, since it avoids interning them).

Thanks.  I am happy that I now understand the issue.  (And happier that
it doesn't obviate the reason I use this to put compiled lua code in my

Michael Welsh Duggan