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I'm trying to package up SILE ( as a
distributable executable for Windows.

As a first step, I'd like to get it compiled into a single distributable
executable on other platforms, before messing about with getting all of
its dependency libraries compiled and working on Windows.

I understand a good way to get a pure Lua script into a compiled
executable is with srlua. However, I don't have a pure Lua script - I'm
using C-based Lua modules like lpeg and luaexpat, and I also have a
couple of custom Lua libraries implemented in C which interface with
harfbuzz and other C libraries.

I don't understand how to get these additional C libraries and
extensions built and linked in to the executable in that situation. I
guess I can create a custom version of srlua that links and loads them
all in, but has anyone already done something which makes this easier?

(Ideally, I'd link them all in statically to make distribution easier,
but for starters linking them dynamically would be something.)