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Hi Lua users,

I have just released version 0.7 of lua-repl, an alternative to the
standalone REPL included with Lua and a library for embedding a Lua
REPL within a Lua application.

lua-repl provides a library for adding a Lua REPL to your Lua-powered
application.  It also provides an example REPL in the form of rep.lua,
which can take the place of the standalone interpreter provided with
Lua.  It has a plugin facility; plugins for things like history and tab
completion of symbols are included in the lua-repl distribution.

0.7 includes some filename completion functionality implemented by
Henry Kielmann; it also prepares for an upcoming break in backwards
compatibility when reading a user's configuration file.  For more
details, please consult the changelog [1] and the README [2].

You can install lua-repl via Luarocks (called luarepl there), or manually from the source [3].