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On 2015-05-20, at 3:20 PM, Matthew Wild <> wrote:
> Mixing human-generated content with machine-generated content in the
> same document that way never turns out nicely :)

We are on the same side, but I am in a pedantic mood:

There’s not really any human-generated content. The last reasonably close mapping was paper tape punched offline. Even then, there is structure to that. 

One of my favorite programming languages does not allow string characters outside printable ASCII, plus space. This was very instructive in how much structure there was in “plain text”. Many people use writing systems not 1-to-1-mapped to teletypes/movable type, and those people have the same machine-mediation experience immediately.

The world beyond teletypes makes programming language string support look sad. We need better, easier ways to manipulated structured data than jamming it through char *.