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2015-05-06 2:06 GMT+02:00 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
> mathx for Lua 5.3 is available at
> This version replaces the provisional one written before Lua 5.3 was released.

I followed the suggested directories for globally installed Lua,
typed 'make', was told by the compiler that I should recompile
with -fPIC (this happens with almost all the software I build and
I don't reason why, I just do), typed 'make clean' and 'make'.
The test results appeared with a mystererious 'nil' at the start
and end, which are produced by 'print(math.version)'.

Like previous versions of 'mathx', this places all its functions
directly into 'math', which is the table that "require mathx" returns.
Thus "package.load.math" and "package.load.mathx" are the
same. It is not quite clear from the README that this is what

Thanks, Luiz! I have immediately aliased "lua" to "lua -l mathx".

The interesting problem of marrying "complex" to "mathx",
complete with children like gamma for complex numbers,
now remains :-)