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> typed 'make', was told by the compiler that I should recompile
> with -fPIC (this happens with almost all the software I build and
> I don't reason why, I just do)

Apparently this is needed for 64-bit Linux.

> The test results appeared with a mystererious 'nil' at the start
> and end, which are produced by 'print(math.version)'.

I don't see any nils. Are you sure you're running mathx for Lua 5.3?

Did the local test before installing work?
> Like previous versions of 'mathx', this places all its functions
> directly into 'math', which is the table that "require mathx" returns.

The current version does not mess with 'math'.
Are you sure you got the tarbal I uploaded yesterday?

Name                    Last update    Size    MD5 digest
5.3/lmathx.tar.gz       2015-05-05     3540    5b5bd22aec169712173d5e39ce759c34

> The interesting problem of marrying "complex" to "mathx",
> complete with children like gamma for complex numbers,
> now remains :-)

My lcomplex exposes C99 complex numbers and function to Lua but C99 does
not include cgamma. For that, you can try cephes:

I was thinking about writing a Lua binding for cephes, prompted by this