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On 9 April 2015 at 05:38, Petri Häkkinen <> wrote:
> Are you aware of Terra? It's a Lua descendant with static typing, pointers, FFI, very nice metaprogramming features and JIT compilation using LLVM. Maybe worth to peek how it's done.

Hi - yes am aware of Terra. I pretty much looked at every possible
alternative (LuaJIT, Terra, Julia, Pure, Squirrel, Dao, Neko, Wren,
AngelScript, Bright, Agena) prior to starting Ravi.

Ravi has a very different goal from Terra - Terra is more like C with
Lua syntax. Ravi's goal is to be an "embedded" scripting language. So
in Ravi's worldview there are two groups of programmers:

System programmers who write in C / C++ and provide the core
capabilities of the platform.
End users who are not professional programmers but who write Lua/Ravi
scripts to build/customize the system to their needs.

A Terra like language - or LuaJIT's FFI - are unsuitable in this world view.