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this message is to announce the availability of debug.lua 0.9.
debug.lua is a terminal based standalone frontend for mobdebug,
that runs on Linux and MacOS X and probably other Unixen. Because
it is terminal based, it is navigated only with the keyboard, but it
does feature source navigation and a display for expressions that
change as you step through the source.

New in version 0.9:

* removed (R)estart command, misunderstood what it does.
* no longer exits when the client exits, instead returns to the startup
  screen. Exits only on q command.
* d now also prefills input with db <current_line> if current line has a
* made colors configurable (in a way... you need to edit a table in the
  source code)
* added optional quit on client exit
* added support for lua skripts with #! at the start
* added search in current source file

You can get debug.lua from

or via luarocks install debug.lua.