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<mchalkley <at>> writes:

> I know this is a sore subject to 
begin with, and is probaby on the
> "forbidden topics for Mondays" list 
(or should be), but I'm afraid I
> have to do it anyway.
> The issue is that a 
server/application monitoring program 
I've written
> in Lua has become very useful (that's 
the good news), which now
> necessitates deploying it to a bunch 
(about 75) of our customer's
> Windows servers (that's the bad 
news). The program requires lfs,
> socket, sigar, and bit. To my 
knowledge, sigar only works with Lua 
> To have a completely standalone 
application within a single directory,
> this is what I've gotten down to:
> <MonitorDir>:
> lua.exe
> lua51.dll
> bit.dll
> lfs.dll
> liblua.dll
> sigar.dll
> libsigar.dll
> socket.lua
> mime.lua
> Monitor.lua
> socket - a directory containing:
> core.dll
> mime - a directory containing:
> core.dll
> With the above configuration, I can 
use Windows Task Manager to run
> the monitor program and it works just 
> Ideally, I'd like to run it with 
LuaJIT, but for now, I'd be thrilled
> to just get the above into a single 
windows exe that could be packed
> with UPX/zipped/etc.
> My objective is to decrease the 
number of files necessary to deploy
> and also to keep folks from mucking 
about with the code and screwing
> up something, so 
compressing/obfuscating/something along 
those lines
> would be necessary.
> Is there currently a "best way" to do 
> Mark

Hi Mark,

I'm working on ljc, a tool that ease 
the deployement of lua programs to 
standalone executables on Windows and 
Linux. The first considered-alpha 
version is available. Take a look at
Hope it helps.